Suggestions for Trophies and Awards for Coworkers and Staff

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Suggestions for Trophies and Awards for Coworkers and Staff

Suggestions for Trophies and Awards for Coworkers and Staff

15 December 2015
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Getting trophies and awards for coworkers and staff is not like buying trophies for children in a sporting league. Trophies and awards for staff should be more serious and something they would proudly display in their office and elsewhere and should also reflect the company and the product or service you provide. Note a few suggestions for trophies and awards you might choose for your staff if you're in charge of such pieces.

1. Choose a unique figure that reflects the business

Trophies can be molded and made into any shape, so consider something unique that reflects the business. For example, if you have a medical response company, you can find a trophy figure in the shape of an ambulance. If you run a hair salon, you can choose a trophy figure in the shape of scissors. Choose something unique that reflects the business and not something generic.

2. Include the company name

Including the company name on a trophy or plaque is a good idea because it helps to advertise your brand or product and also makes it look as if the entire company is supporting the employee who gets the award. Rather than being part of a small sales department, your staff will feel as if the whole business is behind them and recognizes their achievements and accomplishments.

3. Include details

How much did the person sell? What percentage of added sales did they achieve? What were the months, the product, and so on? This information makes any trophy or award very personal and also very distinct. You're not just telling your coworkers and staff "good job," but also how much you appreciate their particular work and recognize the actual job they've done.

4. Upgrade the materials

You don't want a trophy or plaque that recognizes the achievements of an adult to be made on cheap material that would be better for a child. An adult should have a trophy or plaque that is meant for an adult and which they will be proud to show off, so avoid cheap plastic and other such materials. Use brass or metal-coated plastic or choose a plaque made from a thick crystal and not just a thin-cut glass. This will ensure that you are showing your appreciation to your staff and they know that you put time and money into their award, just as they put time into their work. They'll also proudly display the trophy when it's made of quality materials.

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