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Understanding Art Galleries: An Insider’s Guide

About Me

The first time I went to a show at an art gallery, I was a little scared. However, that quickly changed to excitement. If you are thinking about going to an art gallery, I want to help prepare you. I plan to use this blog as a space to collect all of my thoughts, as well as insider tips, tricks and secrets about art galleries. Hi, my name is Jenelle. I define myself as an artist, but as of yet, I still make my living in an office. I paint and write this blog in between taking care of my kids, planning our next holiday and working a lot.

5 Ways to Make Your Lounge Room Look Expensive

If you feel like giving your house a bit of an update, a great place to start is in the lounge room as this is the place that most people spend a lot of their time. However, if you have champagne taste but a beer budget, you may be wondering exactly how you can pull...